What is the Greener Buildings Challenge

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Climate emergency declared!

Building owners, property managers, and tenants are taking action.

Across Canada governments are declaring a climate emergency and the owners of buildings, along with their property managers and tenants, are responding by benchmarking their buildings and eliminating energy waste. The result is lower energy use, lower energy costs, and lower CO2 emissions. Durham Greener Buildings is an opportunity for Durham building owners to show our peers across the nation that we can lead the way on climate action.

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Be part of the climate action movement

Your building(s) can be part of the solution.

For Canada to meet its climate action obligations and reach net-zero by 2050, the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from commercial buildings needs to be reduced by 47.4 megatons. If we are to prevent a climate catastrophe, the buildings sector needs to take urgent action to decarbonize their operations. Benchmarking your building(s) will show you where to start.

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Benchmark your building(s)

Eliminate energy waste and lower emissions.

Save an average of 7 to 14 per cent on energy costs.

Energy benchmarking is the process of measuring and tracking a building's energy performance over time. With benchmarking, you measure your building's energy use so you can better manage your building's energy performance. Studies have shown that eliminating energy waste discovered through benchmarking can yield average energy savings of 7 to 14 per cent.

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Get free benchmarking help

No cost to join and services provided are free!

The Durham Greener Buildings Challenge is a building benchmarking and disclosure program. Using an online benchmarking tool (Energy Star Portfolio Manager) licensed by Natural Resources Canada and free to use, we benchmark our buildings, share our results, collaborate on solutions, and get expert help and advice from specialists in the field.

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All types of buildings are eligible

Buildings must be located in Durham Region.

All types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings are eligible. Including factories, retail, warehouses, condominiums, apartments, universities, schools, hospitals, hospitality, recreational buildings, municipal buildings etc.

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Owners, property managers and tenants are welcome

No matter how far along you are on your benchmarking and decarbonization journey, joining The Greener Buildings Challenge offers many benefits. If you are just starting out with benchmarking and need assistance, help is available from experts in the field at no charge. If you are a seasoned pro, The Challenge offers an opportunity to share your success stories, show off your greener buildings, and receive public accolades for your accomplishments.

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An opportunity to publicly lead, so others can follow

Public disclosure is key to climate action success.

By publicly disclosing our benchmarking results, our successful energy savings, and our lower emissions — we will help inspire others to do the same. We will also establish the much needed data to help private business and government understand where best to direct decarbonization investment. So lets work together — and put the buildings of Durham Region at the forefront of climate action in Canada.